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South-western restaurant in Paris

David, Restaurant Manager

Birthplace of a culinary epic

It was at Au Trou Gascon that Alain Dutournier first cut his teeth in the capital. In 1973, the native south-western chef purchased this former 1900s bistro in the 12th arrondissement of Paris and settled down. Since then, he has endeavoured to help Parisians discover the best of south-western produce and cuisine, from the Adour river to the Bay of Biscay.

David, the restaurant manager and culinary ambassador, is on hand and can advise you on the best seasonal options.



The Chef Alain Dutournier has left for Carré des Feuillants, but keeps a watchful and friendly eye on this story and supports the Chef Julien Chanson with his expertise, who also has the same love for authentic produce and quality food.

The Chef Julien Chanson

Julien shares the same professional values as the chef Alain Dutournier. He is proud of wonderful French cuisine and keen on small, high-quality producers, which encourages him to use seasonal produce. With these qualities behind him, he can also bring out the salty and refreshing note of fish, delicate poultry with flavourful meat, and honour the major classics from the restaurant’s repertoire.

Julien, Chef

The spirit of the restaurant

Au Trou Gascon restaurant welcomes you to an intimate and warm atmosphere which carefully combines the elegance of a Michelin-starred restaurant and the legendary hospitality of the South-West. Here there is a balance between burgundy and grey tones, highlighted by the perfectly arranged white tablecloths and elegant silverware. The indirect lighting around the tables provides a “bourgeois residence” feel which reveals some contemporary artworks. In the evening, the heavy curtains are drawn across to provide even greater warmth. 

In the middle of the restaurant, the 2-year aged whole ham reminds you - if you needed it - that you are in Gascogne territory! It immediately encourages you to try a few thin and tasty slices. And the journey begins. Not forgetting the library of Armagnacs which contains some real jewels to try. For a continued festival of flavour…